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About The Detroit Lakes Minnesota Regional Chamber of Commerce

For more information:

Phone: 218-847-9202
Fax: 218-847-9082
Mail: P. O. Box 348, Detroit Lakes, MN 56502-0348
Walk In: 700 Summit Avenue, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501


The Chamber was first organized in March of 1906 as a Commercial Club to promote the Detroit Lakes Area.

The Chamber is:

The Chamber is a voluntary organization of over 500 businesses, organizations and individuals banded together to advance common interest in the area of commerce, industry, agriculture, tourism, retailing, recreation, transportation, education, government, business development, and community development .

The Chamber membership is made up of small and large businesses and organizations which includes people from every segment of the community, people who care about the Detroit Lakes area people who are willing to invest their money, time, and effort in creating a healthy environment in which to conduct business.

The Chamber is funded by voluntary investments by its members and fund raising projects and events. The Chamber is not a tax funded government organization.

The Chamber is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. A professional staff of 4 work with the Board, committees, volunteers, and members.


"To advance a vibrant business and tourism economy through service, advocacy, networking, and innovation."

Who Can Join:

Chamber membership is open to any interested business, organization, or individual that maintains a voluntary annual dues investment. All employees of Chamber members are invited to participate in Chamber activities.

Why Join:

The Chamber is an organization of business leaders who work together to improve their community and the area's business climate. The effectiveness of the Chamber is entirely dependent on member support and involvement. The Chamber strengthens the community and area by identifying needs, problems and opportunities. It then develops programs to address those needs, problems and opportunities. Through committees of volunteers from members, the Chamber implements those programs.

The DL Chamber works hard to keep its members "in the know" through emails, newsletters, directories, discussions, networking opportunities and mailings you will be informed on local issues, events and trends.